M8 8BE Manchester postcode demographic & neighbourhood report

The M88A2 was developed to give 55% more winching power, 40% more lifting strength and 25% extra towing muscle. This data is based on resident aged on census day 2011, who were in employment. England and Wales are primarily Christian countries, with 59.3% of residents Christian. However, a sizeable portion of the population (25.1%) claim to have no religion.

On average, around 38.4% of census respondents were in full-time employment. The M88 entered service in 1961, at first just with the M48 Patton equipped units of the US Army. At this point, the US Marine Corps (USMC) was still happy with its M103 based M51 Heavy Recovery Vehicle, and would continue to use them until 1977. To go into detail about every combat situation the M88 found itself in would be an exercise in futility.

The armored cab keeps the crew of four safe from heavy machine gun and artillery shrapnel. Bowen-McLaughlin-York had foreseen the appearance of heavier tanks and the logistical issues they would cause the M88 and M88A1. It received a new AVDS DR air-cooled, turbocharged, 12-cylinder V diesel https://www.gclub.co/beer777-online-casino-by-gclub-2023/ engine which produced 1,050 hp. Ballast was added to the vehicle to bring its weight up to 59 tons (53 tonnes). From 1985 onwards, the M88AX was put through a series of trials, during which the AX reached a top speed of 35 mph (56 km/h) and was able to tow an M1A1 Abrams at 25 mph (40 km/h).

It remains to be seen as to whether more countries will purchase the M88A2 in the coming years.

There are three major pieces of recovery equipment present aboard the M88. As a recovery vehicle, the winch – A Pacific Car & Foundry manufactured Type U90B – is the main piece of equipment. The winch drum is located in a compartment below the cab at the front of the vehicle.

Another 39 vehicles were ordered by the US Army under an $81.4m contract awarded in May 2009. It can provide refuel and de-fuel facilities to vehicles when required and be used for slave-starting and hydraulic winching. The Hercules can recover up to 70t combat vehicles such as Leopard, M1A1, M1A2, bridging systems and other vehicles. Technically improved to give greater performance, the M88A2 was also equipped with extra armour. In the immediate vicinity of M8 8BE there is a large concentration of residents that are single — 52% of the resident population.

  • They were also present to support US tank units that remained deployed as part of NATO’s ‘Kosovo Force’ known as ‘KFOR’.
  • At the same time, the T88 received the official designation and serialization as the ‘Medium Recovery Vehicle M88’.
  • Along with the Abrams, the US will send another armored vehicle designed to haul tanks and other vehicles off the battlefield.

The nucleus rotates more quickly than the Milky Way’s, at 241 km/s. M88 reserves the right to request for other necessary and additional information to fully avail any of our services. This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, store, process, and protect your personal information, and the way we might use your information. If you are still a minor, you must have your parent or legal guardian’s permission to use the service. The US Army received its first M88A2 in July 1997, and the vehicle has seen action around the world, including in Iraq and Afghanistan. On April 9, 2003, just a few weeks after US troops invaded Iraq, an M88A2 was used to pull down a statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad.

BAE Systems was awarded a $148.3m contract for upgrading 43 M88A1 heavy-lift vehicles in October 2019, increasing the total procured quantity of the M88A2 capability to 914. The company completed the delivery of 841 vehicles by February 2020. Figures for economic activity do not include those aged under 16, or those family members aged who are in full-time education. This data is therefore based on 42.4 million of the United Kingdom’s 57.8 million residents.


Businesses and organisations can use demographic information for market research purposes. Charities and non-profit organisations may find the information useful to determine who lives in the postcode area. Messier 88 was one of the first objects to be identified as a spiral galaxy. Lord Rosse listed it as one of his 14 “spiral nebulae” discovered to 1850. Messier 88 is bright enough to be visible in 10×50 binoculars under good conditions. Small telescopes will reveal an elongated, nebulous patch of light with a brighter centre, while medium-sized equipment will show a well-defined, bright core.

US officials declined to specify which variants of the Abrams tank or the M88 would be provided, but the M88A2, developed in the 1990s, is «is focused on the Abrams tank,» according to the US Army. Well, the current website was absolutely in dire need of a good redesign — from the ground up. So I set out to pull it all apart and get it up and running again to become the most comprehensive guide to every postcode in the UK.

Armored Brigade Combat Teams of the National Guard (ABCTs) are also now being equipped with the M88A2 HERCULES. Upon the completion of M88A2 HERCULES production, 237 older M88A1s will remain in use by non-Abrams equipped units. Located at the front of the vehicle, the hydraulically operated dozer blade, also known as the spade, has a number of roles. When the boom crane is deployed and lifting, the spade is utilized in a similar fashion to outriggers on a commercial crane. The blade is lowered underneath the front of the hull so far that the first set of road-wheels are almost touching the back of the blade.

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